Larger Scale Projects


WHI Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Systems (WHI VAWT Systems) may offer a solution for your site.

Utilizing 18+m tall turbines spaced closely together in linear arrays, this rugged technology can be installed beneath and around horizontal axis wind turbines and in other places where traditional horizontal axis technology cannot go.

Going Where Existing Wind Technology Cannot Go

WHI VAWT Systems may offer a solution for your site.  Utilizing 18m tall turbines in linear arrays that are modular and relatively low-tech, this complementary technology can go where the 130m tall horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT) cannot go.


Capacity Factor Enhancement

For existing wind farms, significant costs are sunk in infrastructure, substations and transmission investment.  Wind is an intermittent resource, and the average capacity factor of sites around the world is about 25%.  If we could produce more power on the site by building out WHI VAWT Systems in the understory, between the large turbines, we can significantly raise the capacity factor of a significant percentage of today‚Äôs wind farms.


Double Production in Wind Farms

This may seem like an outrageous claim, however an understanding of the paradigm of Power Density begins with an assessment of the Optimal Power Production of the site. It is basic:  the MORE CLOSELY SPACED, the turbines in a WHI VAWT Systems are MORE EFFICIENT.  This is the physics of VAWT technology, and its promise.  Higher land utilization is key.  For those who are open to big new pieces of the wind puzzle, WHI VAWT Systems open gates to significant new resources of renewable energy.


Transition Aging Wind Farms to Higher Production

Premium wind sites built out in the late 80s and early 90s are coming to the end of their useful life.  WHI VAWT Systems can support developers in managing the transition through understory installation of WHI 70kW VAWTS, and re-evaluating the Optimal Power Potential of the site.