Calif Wind Resources

CEC Wind Atlas 1985

Information based on the California Energy Commission report, CEC Wind Atlas, April 1985. The complete  CEC Wind Atlas  and its underlying reports can be found at the CEC's main library at 1516 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 654-4292.

CEC Wind Atlas 1985 - excerpts

Report from the California Energy Commission, April 1985

California Wind Map (Google Earth, kmz file)

Wind speeds based on CEC Wind Atlas

Wind Station Index - CEC Wind Atlas 1985

Only Wind Stations above 10.0 mph are listed

CEC 2002 New Wind Energy Resource Maps of California

California Energy Commission, 2002

This report describes a wind-mapping project conducted by TrueWind Solutions for the California Energy Commission. The purpose of this contract is to develop more accurate and reliable wind resource maps for California using state-of-the-art numerical modeling techniques and site validation data. This effort not only updates the existing annual wind resource map for California produced in the late 1970s, but includes several enhancements, including the incorporation of new meteorological, geographical and terrain data that have been collected but were unavailable when the original map was produced. Validation of map results also has been performed in conjunction with the modeling effort. These new maps will help to better define wind corridors as well as identify new potential sites for wind energy integration.

Wind Energy Assessment of the Palm Springs-Whitewater Region

California Energy Commission, March 1983

Wind Energy Assessment of Southern California

California Energy Commission, 1983

Wind Energy Prospecting in Alameda and Solano Counties

Earl Davis and Ron Nierenberg, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, California Energy Commission, May 1980

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the California Energy Commission conducted a wind energy prospecting program in Northern California. Eight candidate areas were initially considered and qualitatively evaluated; two ares in the San Francisco Bay Area were selected for study. a total of 23 sites were instrumented at the 30-ft level. Data were collected and analyzed for the ten-month period of March through December 1979.

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