Summary of Attributes
Wind Harvest International Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Systems (WHI VAWT Systems)

  • Low height profile:  18m as opposed to 130m of the Siemens 2.3MW—1/7 the height of HAWT and blending in with natural environment
  • Highly efficient turbines individually, that enable linear arrays to capture the couple vortex effect, raising efficiency even further
  • Lower footprint for installation and infrastructure
  • Modular, enabling design more easily adaptable to the site
  • Lower acoustic impact than HAWT
  • Avian and wildlife friendly
  • Similarly efficient when set up in linear arrays, utilizing the coupled vortex
  • Cost competitive with HAWTs
  • Local workers can be trained for installation/operations/maintenance
  • Regional qualified steel manufacturers can secure license to produce turbines – job development
  • Turbine System from a quality company with decades of field experience in VAWT wind energy