Power Density, Through an Optimized Understory

WHI Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Systems (WHI VAWT Systems) can double the renewable energy output (and more) from a high percentage of existing onshore wind farms. Capturing the power density possible with VAWT technology and capturing the couple vortex effect from WHI VAWT Systems, we can increase the output of existing wind farms AND new wind farms.

The more closely spaced VAWTs are, the more efficient they are. More closely spaced HAWTs create turbulence for their neighbors, whereas closely spaced VAWTs shed vortices and enhance the productivity of WHI turbines as closely spaced as 1m apart, in long linear arrays. The turbines in the rows are counter-rotating, and work to increase efficiency, and this is called the “coupled vortex effect.” Placement of VAWT turbines that assures optimal power density and the coupled vortex effect is protected by a WHI patent.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) are the key to Power Density: we can’t do it without them.

Wind Harvest International’s 70kW VAWT and its coupled vortex positioning patent is the state-of-the-art for VAWTs.

For additional background information on Power Density, see CalTech Professor John O. Dabiri.

Double the power can be generated from many existing winds farms.

How can the power producer double his output on this existing farm?