General California Wind Resources

California Wind Maps and Data

CEC Wind Atlas 1985

Information found here was based on the California Energy Commission report, CEC Wind Atlas, April 1985. Most of the windspeed data was collected at <10m above ground level. The complete  CEC Wind Atlas  and its underlying reports can be found at the CEC's main library at 1516 9th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 654-4292.

CEC Wind Atlas 1985 - excerpts

Report from the California Energy Commission, April 1985

California Wind Map (Google Earth, kmz file)

Wind speeds based on CEC Wind Atlas

Wind Station Index - CEC Wind Atlas 1985 (.xlsx file)

Only Wind Stations with average wind speeds above 10.0 mph are listed.

California Wind Energy Resource Modeling and Measurement: Measurement Program Final Report

Prepared by AWS Truewind, LLC for the California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research Program, June 2006

This report presents the results of a wind resource measurement study conducted on behalf of the California Energy Commission by AWS Truewind for five focus areas in California. The objective of the Measurement Program was to collect high-quality data at heights relevant to modern wind turbines. Data was collected from four tall tower locations and seven sodar sites in California. The analysis period covered in this report is from April 2004 to July 2005. A number of important wind characteristics are presented, including mean wind speed, wind shear, prevailing wind direction, and diurnal speed distributions. Long-term speed estimates were produced for the tall tower locations and sodar locations, when appropriate, through a comparison with regional meteorological reference stations.

Reports associated with this study:

Wind Energy Resource Modeling and Measurement – Map Comparison Report, 2004

Final Detailed Measurement Program Plan, 2004

Statewide Maps and Modifications Report, 2006

California Wind Energy Resource Modeling and Measurement - Wind Map of 5 Sites around California

Prepared by AWS Truewind, LLC for the California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research Program, June 2006

California Wind Resources at 70 Meter Elevation

California Energy Commission, 2003

California Wind Resources at 30 Meter Elevation

California Energy Commission, 2006

CEC 2002 New Wind Energy Resource Maps of California

California Energy Commission, 2002

This report describes a wind-mapping project conducted by TrueWind Solutions for the California Energy Commission. The purpose of this contract is to develop more accurate and reliable wind resource maps for California using state-of-the-art numerical modeling techniques and site validation data. This effort not only updates the existing annual wind resource map for California produced in the late 1970s, but includes several enhancements, including the incorporation of new meteorological, geographical and terrain data that have been collected but were unavailable when the original map was produced. Validation of map results also has been performed in conjunction with the modeling effort. These new maps will help to better define wind corridors as well as identify new potential sites for wind energy integration.

Miscellaneous California Resources

California Regional Wind Energy Forecasting System (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4)

Electric Power Research Institute Inc., Prepared for the California Energy Commission PIER Program, 2006

The rated capacity of wind generation in California is expected to grow rapidly in the future beyond the approximately 2100 megawatts (MW) in place at the end of 2005. The main drivers are the state’s 20 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard requirement in 2010 and the low cost of
wind energy relative to other renewable energy sources. As wind is an intermittent generation resource and weather changes can cause large and rapid changes in output, system operators will need accurate and robust wind energy forecasting systems in the future. In response to this need, the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) initiated the California Regional Wind Energy Forecasting System Development Project in 2003 to develop and test short- and intermediate-term (for example, next-hour and next-day) forecast algorithms with improved forecast accuracy relative to the results of a previous project completed in 2002. Volume 1 of the final report is an executive summary of the research and results. It addresses
development and testing of same-day and next-day wind forecasting algorithms, wind tunnel and empirical modeling of wind flow over the complex terrain at Altamont Pass, and development of the California Wind Generation Research Dataset (CARD). Volumes 2 through 4 present the detailed results.

California Renewable Energy Program Preliminary Evaluation

Regional Economic Research Inc. for the Governor and California State Legislature, October 30, 2000

This report provides an overview of the Independent Evaluation of the State of California’s Renewable Energy Program, as provided by AB 1890 which was enacted September 23, 1996. The Renewable Energy Program (Program) is funded by the ratepayers of the three largest California investor-owned utilities through the Renewable Resource Trust Fund. The California Energy Commission (Commission) administers all components of the Program. In 1998, Regional Economic Research, Inc. (RER) was selected by the Commission in a competitive bid process to perform this Preliminary Program Evaluation, along with related market research/assessment and other general program support. The primary objective of this Preliminary evaluation effort is to further the Program’s goal of supporting the development of a fully competitive and self-sustaining California renewable energy supply through early feedback on its performance and impacts on the state’s renewable energy market. In this report, RER offers recommendations for evolving each of the Program’s four key accounts. In addition, this Overall Evaluation Report considers the interrelated evaluation aspects of all the accounts implemented under the Program.

Draft Boundary Layer Research and Findings Report

AWS Truewind, LLC, Prepared for the Californai Energy Commission , December 7, 2005

This is a draft report of Boundary Layer Research done by AWS Truewind. This report discusses identifying poorly simulated cases associated with boundary layer model problems, the results of model experiments, terrain complexity experiments, and surface energy budget formulation experiments.

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